What constitutional crisis!


Dear Editor
HYDAR ALLY is a dyed-in-the-wool member of the PPP/C, despite attempts in his many letters to present a profile of being reasonable and balanced in his opinions/views of whatever political issue he has wished to present.

Unlike the mostly uncivil and openly racist tenor of most of the PPP/C letter writers, Ally has maintained his civility in expressive tone. It is his democratic right to support the political party of his choice.

However, like all of the other supporters, he continues to obfuscate the truth of his party’s well-known record of its wicked and vile form of governance for its twenty-three years tenure, continuing as opposition with the worst display of dangerous propaganda, taken from the cesspool of filthy lies, in somewhat pious language designed to accord it a positive light. Added to this deceptive tactic is the sad fact that he cannot be objective in his views of the party’s political behaviour. But who can, and remain as a member, given the tradition of spite, abuse, and vindictive attacks that is sure to be heaped on that member?
In his latest missive, “This delay could plunge Guyana into a state of constitutional crisis’’ of Kaieteur News, July 14, 2019, he, like his political master Bharat Jagdeo et al, attempts to spell out what the Consequential Orders mean for the government. It is his freedom of expression, a right denied many Guyanese when his government ruled, except that the president David Granger-administration does not need such advice and interpretation to understand what the orders mean, given the fact that they have declared publicly, even before issuance, of readiness to accept same.

In fact, Ally is reminded here that what the Court has said is no different to its position on June 18, 2019, and can be described as an anti-climax, since it did not respond in the manner which his boss, Jagdeo, had demanded – impose decisions of a political nature that instructs the Executive on certain actions. Quite right that he has recognized: “The ruling and accompanying consequential orders have re-asserted the primacy of the Constitution as the supreme law of the land. Down the corridors of time, this ruling will be remembered as a victory for constitutional rule and, by extension, democratic governance”. Yet, these very precious tenets are what Jagdeo deliberately tried to deceptively pressure the Court into destroying by his outrageous requests.

Ally’s second point, “One consequence of this ruling is that the government is now obliged to hold elections before the end of September in keeping with the provision of the Constitution”.

Here is Ally, fully singing the undemocratic chorus of the PPP/C’s line. This is a disgusting and daring refrain of political unrealism, which has no accompanying chorus or music. One would have agreed with Ally’s very optimistic expectation, if there were already an installed GECOM chairperson, and if the absolute imperative of the house-to-house registration had been completed, the electoral body prepared and ready to administer national elections, and having so advised the President, who constitutionally is the only person to announce a date for this constitutional process.

But Ally must be brought back to earth with this harsh reminder: his call for immediate elections means not having an accurate Voters’ List and the disenfranchisement of thousands of young Guyanese who would have earned the right, via eligibility, to register for such an exercise. It is only a well known, undemocratic politician like Jagdeo who would want to commit such a human right sacrilege. Surely, this is a departure from the beliefs of Cheddi Jagan, which the current PPP/C pretends to observe. What hypocrites! Cheddi’s ghost is sure to visit his Freedom House party headquarters anytime soon!

For Ally to suggest external help from the Commonwealth Secretariat, advocating ‘’credible names of persons with experience in the management of elections’’, should be a definite no for Guyanese. And I say this, with all due respect that as a member of this fraternal body, Guyana has received assistance in varied fields, benefitting our national development.
Brutally, Ally is reminded that this current impasse has been created by his leader and party’s treacherous plot to remove this coalition government from power, a plot that was hatched from the inception of its taking office. And further, time will not be wasted in outlining the political crookery, misinformation, and criminal lies in this treasonous process, which Jagdeo has created, all in the pursuit of personal political power. Therefore, to seek such assistance is to help an unworthy and anti-national opposition leader to clean up a mess that he has unnecessarily heaped on the nation.

If Jagdeo is that responsible leader of the political opposition, and committed patriot, let him sit with the President in a consensual manner, in the national interest, and work towards mutually accepted solutions committed to solving Guyana’s problems. It can be done, but not by shifting the goalpost, and spouting divisive messages. Guyanese want to get on with the development that is ushering in national renewal. And as a reminder to Ally et al – THERE WILL BE NO CONSTITUTIONAL CRISIS, a PPP/C creation of its perfidious imagination. Not as long as there is a president Granger coalition government, committed to serving the country and ALL the people, and adhering to the Rule of Law.

Earl Hamilton