A response to Charles Ramson Jr. attack on President Granger


Dear Editor,
I AM not a biblical person but I am tempted to quote the scriptures, John 8:7 which states,” Who is without sin can cast the first stone.” This is in response to Charles Ramson Jr who, in a letter published in Stabroek News on the 15th July 2019, titled, “CCJ finding that President Granger breached the constitution is quite significant”
Mr. Editor, I usually quote the author verbatim to dismantle his/her argument, but in this case, these words are such garbage that they would cause environmental and intellectual pollution if recycled. In essence, this self-appointed oil and gas consultant and academic is suggesting that Mr. David Granger is not a fit and proper man to be President of Guyana. We all know that Charles Ramson Jr was misleading Guyana that he is an oil and gas consultant and academic and he studied at Russell Group Universities (top universities) in the UK. I literally prove he was lying.

Anyway, let me ask this gentleman, with damaged credibility, the following questions
1. Was Mrs. Janet Jagan fit and proper to be President when she threw the court documents over her shoulder at her Presidential swearing-in ceremony?

2. Is Irfaan Ali fit and proper to be President with 19 criminal charges against him and credible concerns about academic fraud?

3. Was Bharrat Jagdeo fit and proper to be President when under his reign the Phantom squad unlawfully murdered hundreds of Guyanese as revealed by Court documents in America? Also under his reign, the Americans labelled Guyana as a narco-state.

4. Also, Charles, when you had aspirations to become President, in your “fear no man statement,” you admitted that there were serious allegations of corruption during the PPP’s 23 years reign. Do you still hold those views? Are they fit and proper to run this country?
Anyway, back to Charles Ramson Jr. I warned him to be quiet because I had built up a dossier on him. He wishes to be throwing stones, so let me put this to him and see if he now has the testicular fortitude to engage me.
On the 19th August, 2018, Charles Ramson Jr was reported in the Kaieteur News to have received a full scholarship to a five-day Executive Course on Oil, Gas and Mining Governance at the University of Oxford Blavatnik School of Government.
I have to come to distrust anything coming from Charles since I found him to be misleading the Guyanese public that he is an Oil and Gas consultant and academic. As a result I did my research on this course.
I will quote the course brochure verbatim with regards to the prospective participants profile.
Participants Profile
“This course is open to policy leaders in the public and private sectors, alongside those in senior research and non-profit roles, who are committed to better governance in natural resources, and in a position to influence the governance of these sectors. Participants should have at least twelve years’ experience and be in a senior leadership position or advisory role.”
Prospective participants include

•Ministers, chiefs of staff, heads of extractives state-owned enterprises, commissioners, heads of agencies, departments and other public bodies involved in the management of oil, gas and mining and the revenues they generate as well as their deputies and advisers
•Executives, directors, chiefs and heads at oil gas and mining companies, at headquarters or country office levels, as well as their deputies and advisers
•Leaders from management consulting firms providing advice to governments in resource-rich countries in extractive sector policy design and implementation or public financial management
•Vice-presidents, deputy managing directors, and heads of departments at multilateral agencies such as the IMF and World Bank; and
•Chief executives, directors and senior fellows at think tanks and non-partisan bodies.”
Clearly, this course was designed for high flyers. The crem dela crem in the Oil and Gas world. Kind of people like Dr. Jan Mangal et al. Which one of the prescribed qualifications Charles has. Answer: Absolutely none. The total cost of the course is £8000, excluding transportation. That works out to be $ 2.24 million.
Again I will quote from the brochure verbatim with regards to scholarships.
“A limited number of scholarships covering the full cost of tuition and travel are available to public sector applicants from select resource-rich countries: Colombia, Democratic Republic of Congo, Ghana, Guinea, Indonesia, Mexico, Mongolia, Myanmar, Nigeria, Tanzania, Tunisia and Uganda”.
You may have noticed that Guyana is not a part of those listed countries for full scholarship. How did Charles secure one? Don’t tell me he is now masquerading as Mexican. Again, I will quote the course brochure verbatim with regards to partial-scholarship. “In addition, the Blavatnik School will offer a limited number of partial-bursaries on a competitive basis to applicants. Applicants must cover their own travel and incidental costs. A bursary application must be completed by the closing date to be eligible for these awards. We strongly encourage female applicants to apply, with a number of bursary and scholarship opportunities currently available to help support current and rising female leaders in the natural resource sector”.
Again. How can Charles earn a partial bursary when he lacks the minimum entry requirements for the course with a preference for female applicants?
I humbly request that Charles explain to the Guyanese public what he did. I will end the way I began. Who without sins can cast the first stones. Charles, I have lots of stones for you.
Finally. Happy birthday Mr. President. Trust you live to see many more.

Dr. Mark Devonish MBBS MSc MRCP(UK) FRCP(Edin)
Consultant Acute Medicine
Nottingham University Hospital