Gocool Boodhooo was the last person who tried to rig elections


Dear Editor,
ON the PPP/C-owned radio station, Freedom Radio, I listened to a programme hosted by former Attorney General, Anil Nandall, on July 10th, 2019, when one of the callers stated “President Granger had learned to rig the elections under L.F.S .B” and the PNC want to rig the elections again.

Most Guyanese are aware that President David Granger was never a member of President Forbes Burnham administration, however, he embarked into politics in 2010.
According to my understanding, Mr. Granger’s attention was mainly focused on the Guyana Defence Force. I am still trying to figure out how Mr. Granger was involved in the rigging of elections when he was never a GECOM Chairman or a member of the Guyana Elections Commission.

Editor, the public needs to be reminded that the last evidence of rigging in Guyana for elections was done by former Chief Elections Officer, Gocool Boodhoo in 2006 and 2011 when Commissioner for the PNC/R, Mr. Vincent Alexander’s vigilance thwarted his efforts.
Therefore, Guyanese, we need to object when the Opposition is spreading false propaganda and trying to tarnish our president’s character.

We, the youths, who are in the majority in this nation, need to hear about policies not propaganda.

Ceion Rollox