Daniel Loveless only came to do a shoot


– and ‘whaddya know’, now he’s bowled over by the love

POPULAR Trinidadian entertainer, Daniel Loveless, creator of the social media street show “What yuh know”, has been parading the streets of Georgetown over the past week, filming episodes of the entertaining show.

In an interview with ‘The Buzz’, Loveless shared how he came to be one the most popular entertainers in the Caribbean.

The young man said that he completed school in 2014 and started to read for a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Management at the University of the Southern Caribbean.
While studying, he juggled a lot of customer service work, and went through a process of two years trying to find himself.

“The working became too tedious for me; doing the same thing every day. Dealing with people wasn’t the tedious part; I loved dealing with people. So I decided to purchase a camera from my savings, and I began doing photography in 2016, covering different events,” Loveless said.

However, soon after venturing into that field, he felt the need to come up with something unique, since there is a lot of competition in the field of photography in Trinidad.

“So I came up with the idea of ‘What yuh know’, and I labeled myself an entertainer. I went ahead and started recording in the streets of Trinidad. I started with my personal profile, ‘Daniel Loveless’ and the first video I posted skyrocketed to like 579,000. And I said that this was a great opportunity to make it into something,” the young entertainer said.
So he has since made a Facebook page for the show, and it grew in popularity from 2000 followers to now 300,000 people from all over the world.

His ‘What yuh know’ prerecorded shows started on the streets of Port of Spain, where he would ask random people on the streets a question that would test how much they really know. The answers to these questions are sometimes extremely ridiculous, and that is what adds the splash of entertainment to the show.

However, even though the show brings laughter, Loveless said that the end goal is to educate. So after all the laughs, whoever didn’t know what the answer to the question was, will know it in time.

“My vision is to take the show worldwide and revolutionise the education system. I see it actually coming to life, because a lot of people are saying that they watch the show and they learn a lot. And that means a lot to me, because it is important that they not only get a laugh out of the show but to also learn something from the show. Because it is all about education through entertainment,” he said.

Persons love the show, to the point where they have been patterning off the show in their respective countries, creating content of a similar nature. To this end, he said that that it is something that he supports, and is happy to be an inspiration. Every country will have things unique to them, so this can be a medium where education can be pushed.
The social media audience has grown so large over the years, that Loveless is able to leave the shores of Port of Spain and travel to other countries to film.

Now in Guyana, he said that the reception form the people here is amazing.

“It’s an amazing feeling, seeing people being so receptive to the show. It is something that I have always wanted, but to now see it happening is really amazing. Guyana is amazing, and the support is overwhelming. I’m amazed by the love,” he said.

This same love and support is received from across the Caribbean and further afield, so Loveless will be traveling to other countries, starting with Canada, on July 22, 2019.
Sharing insight on the business aspect of the show, Loveless said that it is very profitable since he would earn income from YouTube and it is also monetised on Facebook. The more people watch, the more revenue is earned.

In addition, he said that he was able to secure a lot of corporate clients within Trinidad and Tobago. Just being himself throughout all his shows, people fell in love with his personality and a lot of persons book him to be the MC for their events.

Though the product of what was just an idea is already very profitable, Loveless said that the ultimate vision now is to make it into a television show.

“I want it to be picked up by an international network like GSN or ABC; have it broadcasted, and make it live and real where people come in to be a part. I envision it being something like Family Feud, with two groups; me in the middle, and we see which group knows the most,” he disclosed.

His following on social media is already diverse, and persons are buying into the idea, “but I want to touch as much country as possible, doing what I do,” he said.