Ms Thomas should have availed herself of the facts


– before going public on such a sensitive matter

Dear Editor,
PLEASE allow me space in your newspaper to address a letter written by Ms Audreyanna Thomas in the Stabroek News, dated July 08, 2019, and captioned, “What NICIL-SPU is doing to GuySuCo has reached the highest level of provocation.”

Editor, to say that I was surprised to see Ms. Thomas’s missive would be an understatement; in fact, I was appalled, given the circumstance that there were several threats to my life, coupled with a series of bomb threats to the NICIL- SPU head office and a few of our other locations. These matters are currently under active police investigations; hence, I further say not.

However, I would like to remind Ms Thomas, who is the current Public Relations Officer of GuySuCo, and is tasked with the responsibility of handling all aspects of planned publicity campaigns and PR activities for the company, that she should have availed herself of the facts of this very sensitive security matter. In fact, it was only Friday last that I had a discussion with GuySuCo’s CEO Mr Harold Davis Jr., who is au fait with this matter.

Ms. Thomas should also be cognisant that her seminal role in GuySuCo’s PR entails relationship management. This involves the role of public relations in identifying key publics and establishing strategies for building and maintaining mutually beneficial relationships with those publics. In order for her to carry out those functions effectively, she should arm herself with the facts of this matter before firing off shots in the dark.

Colvin Heath-London
Executive Head