Local businesses encouraged to work together

Managing Director of GloSee Marketing, Sophia Dolphin

A FEW local businesses were encouraged to work together in an attempt to improve competitiveness at a Networking Brunch held at the Mirage Banquet Hall, Alberttown, Georgetown on Sunday.

“The entire objective of this brunch is so that we can bring business people together, so that we can connect and form partnerships moving forward,” said Managing Director of GloSee Marketing and Public Relations, Sophia Dolphin.

Representatives of local businesses at the Networking Brunch (Vishani Ragobeer photo)

GloSee was opened about five months ago but even as a fairly young business, Dolphin related that it seemed pertinent to forge partnerships with other local businesses to facilitate a more conducive business environment.

As someone with years of marketing and public relations experience, Dolphin related that she has seen a lack of collaboration among local businesses due to the current omnipresent ‘competition mode’.

As such, she related that the brunch was initiated to address this issue.

“We wanted to have this event where we promote more collaboration and not competing against each other because the only competition we should have is within ourselves,” she said.

Dolphin also opined that businesses should be able to sit down and discuss future plans and how they can forge sustainable partnerships in moving forward.

Representatives at the brunch were drawn from the food and beverage industries, the beauty enhancement community, the health and wellness fraternity and not-for-profit organisations, among others.