It is important that we get a candidate that both parties can agree on


Dear Editor,
I SEE we are once again in the dispute on this important appointment of a chairman of the Guyana Elections Commission— it should not be so.

It is important that we get a candidate that both parties can agree on; however, if that appointee has agreed-directions and formats that are mandatory for the appointment, then there are some very important factors that can guide the process and make the selection easier to both parties. These are the methodologies which the new commission will employ: their ability to manage such a large logistical undertaking strategically , and the administrative experience necessary, plus their willingness to use high-tech ICT and communications to deliver initial results swiftly.

For too long these necessary skillsets have been ignored in favour of political considerations. As Guyanese we are fed up; we want credible, untainted and fair elections that are transparent and can withstand any scrutiny. With the use of technology, there is no reason this cannot be done within a 24- hour period, subject to final verification, claims and objections.

There are persons inside and outside these names supplied that have these necessary skillsets. What you don’t want is someone who does not possess these skills to ensure a transparent election, as every fumble is regarded with the deepest suspicion and can lead to distrust , riots and political instability; someone with a plan and the experience is what this country needs. Most in the list for both parties do not have the necessary capacity; eliminate those, then work with [those]who are left in the list that can.

Roy Beepat,
Chairman, Giftland Group