Ganesh Kasinath’s got the GTT +Star power


–and he’s tone deaf to what the naysayers have to say about it

TWENTY-four-year-old Ganesh Kasinauth, from the Ancient County of Berbice, won the hearts of the public as he was voted GTT +Star Singing Competition’s winner.
In an interview with ‘The Buzz’, this new Guyanese star talked about his life’s journey and how overwhelmed he is with the person he has become.

At just 17, Kasinauth lost his father, and took on the responsibility of taking care of his family as the eldest of three siblings. He got a job that helped him to be a provider, but from a very young age, he said, he’d always wanted to be a singer because he had great admiration for Atif Aslam, who is a playback singer of Hindi music.

“From small, I always wanted to become a singer, but I started singing at age 19.” Ganesh said, adding: “I started singing just like that; I haven’t had anyone to train me. I first sang at mandirs, then village shows, weddings, birthdays, my work concerts, and ‘expo’.

This later created more opportunities. I performed at Pepsi concerts, shows in Bartica, Dharmic Sabha events. I performed in shows with Ravi ‘B’ and the Karma band, Nishad M, Neval Chatelal, Pritivi Bheem, Bunty Singh, Pooran Seeraj, Shakti String band and many more.”

He said that he decided to compete in the GTT competition just the day before the audition in Berbice, after his mother encouraged him to give it a shot. But he never expected he would win. “I didn’t expect that I would become the winner, since there were a lot of talented contestants in the competition.

The star and his mother and two siblings

I just did it for the love of singing… I felt overjoyed when I was announced winner; it’s a feeling that I can’t explain. I am very happy and blessed to be the winner,” Kasinauth said.

Following the announcement of the winner, much disbelief rippled through the audience and social media. Many persons were of the view that Kasinauth should not have won.
This view, however, has not fazed the young star, as he believes everyone has a right to their opinion.

“I marketed myself through social media,” he said, “and my followers supported me. No contestant or judge had anything to do with the actual results of the competition. **Also, GTT had nothing to do with the outcome of the results; it was left up to the Guyanese people to select who they thought was the better contestant.

The person with the most votes is the winner, and that happens to be me. So, with the negativity stirring on social media, I have nothing to say about that; everyone is entitled to their opinion. I would just like to say to Guyanese that I will represent my country to the best of my ability, and make all of them proud,” Kasinauth posited.

He said that his plan for the future is to develop his singing career, become an international artiste, represent his country, and to have his own concert and albums.

“My advice is that dreams do come true. So, if you have a dream, go for it. Put all your effort and time to the talent that you have, and become much more better. In anything you do, just don’t do it for yourself; do it for your country, and for the love of it,” Kasinauth said.

People can get access to his music through his YouTube channel, “Ganesh Kasinath” and his Facebook “Ganesh Kasinath”.