Franale’s ‘Hip Hop and Poetry Nites’

Poet, Renata Burnett in her zone

–a cradle for young home-grown talent

FRANALE’S ‘Hip Hop and Poetry Nights’ saw yet another successful execution last Wednesday evening at 704 Sky Lounge.

‘Franale Holder’

Over 35 young Guyanese singers, rappers, poets and dancers got the rare opportunity to express themselves through their art to a large and supportive audience.
The performances were all exceptional, and persons in the audience were well entertained,

as they enjoyed the electrifying ambiance that was created.
This platform was created five years ago by Franale Holder, a young Guyanese Hip Hop artiste who saw the need to create more opportunities for not just herself, but other talented Guyanese youths as well.

She told ‘The Buzz’ that upon realising that there aren’t any platforms in Guyana that support Hip Hop and R&B, she worked towards creating one of her own.
Now, five years later, Franale’s Hip Hop and Poetry Nites continue to be successful, and many young Guyanese talents are being developed and exposed.

Part of the audience at Franale’s ‘Hip Hop and Poetry Nites’ last Wednesday

“It has been a challenge over the years to pull the show off, but more people started paying attention and came on board to support and expand my vision, in whatever forms they can. And I’m proud to say that growth has also been seen in each artiste that I have been working with,” she said. “Their vocal abilities, styles and skill sets have heightened, and I am very proud to be a part of that process. More artistes are beginning to have confidence in their abilities to do music or poetry on a professional level,” Franale told ‘The Buzz’.

Anasha Dutchin delivers from the heart as she performs her piece

Persons can join the experience the last Wednesday of every month at 704 Sky Lounge.