Exxon U-14 football continues this weekend

Action in the ExxonMobil U-14 boys and girls football tournament is back this weekend.

FOOTBALL action continues this weekend at the U-14 level with the ExxonMobil-sponsored tournament.

Round two of the Girls’ segment will take place with organiser, the Petra Organisation, confirming the addition of four female teams to make it a 12-team competition.

The male segment also moves into its third round.

The Ministry of Health will be rewarding the player-of-the-week boys and girls with a haversack and six books as part of encouragement to indulge in physical activities toward a healthier life.

The tournament is also sponsored by the Demerara Distillers Limited (DDL) under the PEPSI brand.

Full fixtures:

Girls Fixtures

10:00hrs Ann’s Grove vs Richard Ishmael

10:00hrs Annandale vs Dolphin

10:50hrs Uitvlugt vs New Campbellville

10:50hrs Lodge vs Tucville

11:40hrs East Ruimveldt vs Charlestown Secondary

11:40hrs St Mary vs St Stanislaus

12:30hrs Ann’s Grove vs Dolphin

12:30hrs Annandale vs Richard Ishmael

Boys Fixtures

12:00hrs St Mary vs Plaisance Orphanage

12:00hrs Richard Ishmael vs New Campbellville

12:50hrs North Ruimveldt Multi vs Annandale Secondary

12:50hrs Cummings Lodge vs Brickdam Secondary

13:40hrs Ann’s Grove vs Lodge Secondary

13:40hrs Tucville vs St Stanislaus College

14:30hrs Carmel Secondary School vs President’s College

14:30hrs Marian Academy vs Uitvlugt Secondary

15:20hrs Charlestown Secondary vs Golden Grove

15:20hrs East Ruimveldt vs St John’s

16:10hrs Kingston vs Tutorial

16:10hrs Queenstown Secondary vs Dolphin Secondary