Let’s give the ‘Coalition’ another turn at governing


–‘so we can continue to hope’

Dear Editor,
I AM compelled to write this letter as a result of my constant perusing of social media. I have noticed, as of late, the resort to racial ramblings, especially by those affiliated to the PPP. In one instance, it was so blatant that one writer openly referred to us Amerindians as “Bush People”, using the worst possible expletives in the process.

May I point out that we Indigenous Peoples are taking copious notes, and are not as stupid as some are led to believe. We are educated and very cognisant of the views others have of us. We are aware of the attempts at manipulating our peoples by the last government. We are aware of the divide-and-rule tactics employed by the PPP, to the extent where once united villages are now at each other’s throats over political beliefs. The Church had never so divided us.

I am therefore calling on all Indigenous Peoples to weigh very carefully the value of your vote in the upcoming elections, which are inevitable. Consider very carefully which party has given meaning to your existence; which Party has listened to your pleas and has taken action to address those needs. Certainly it is not the Party that demitted office four years ago.
In four short years, life for Indigenous people has improved. Although we did not get all that was asked for, the last four years have given us renewed hope in the system of governance; renewed hope that Guyana is not a failed state; renewed hope that our Peoples can be part of the Government.

I am therefore calling on my brothers and sisters to give this present government another turn at governing so that we can continue to hope. Give them another chance so that the era of drugs and drug-related violence can be pushed farther from our society. This I pray in the name of our forefathers, and in the name of generations yet born.

R. Britton
Rupununi resident