Change has truly come to Guyana


– when one can finally exercise their democratic right to protest

Dear Editor,
I WOULD like to begin by initially taking the opportunity to congratulate those Guyanese, especially the youths, who peacefully protested on June 21, 2019 across the country, calling on GECOM to respect their democratic and constitutional rights to vote on a credible voters list. The current voters’ list expired on April 30, 2019.

Guyanese, I must applaud the bold step you took once more, as it shows you are patriotic and undeniably in need for Guyana to continue on its current trajectory over these past four years. The policies and programmes of the Coalition Government have favourably impacted every aspect of life in Guyana, from the coastland to the hinterland, and in our riverine and Indigenous communities.

It is my belief, as a young man, that we cannot continue in the old trickery and scam we were facing for the past 10 years under the previous administration. We as Guyanese can clearly see the main objective of the PPP/C is to disenfranchise and stymie the future of Guyanese youths.

I can recall under the previous administration Guyanese were afraid to protest when something was not going right. In 2011, on numerous occasions, Guyanese were denied their democratic right to protest when they were set upon and brutally assaulted and shot for exercising their rights.

Therefore, we as Guyanese youths should review and compare the difference between the two governments, and then we should determine who is caring and responsible, and then we can select our leader. The choice is clear.

Ceion Rollox