‘50 Shades of MUA’ delivers!

Renee Chester with family members at her anniversary celebration on Sunday

– gives patrons more than they bargained for

LAST Sunday evening, Guyana had a taste of a Red-Carpet Gala experience in the Banquet Hall at Tower Suites on Main Street.

The event, dubbed “Fifty Shades of MUA” was hosted by renowned makeup artist Renee Chester to celebrate 10 years in the business.

Renee Chester on the Red Carpet in one of her House of Pearson gowns at her 10th anniversary ‘do’ last Sunday

Scores of people came out in their finest, strutting their stuff and striking a pose on the red carpet that was lined with the customary paparazzi.

Chester told ‘The Buzz’ that seeing that her 10th Anniversary was an important milestone for her, the celebration had to be “extra special and extraordinary”, hence the reason for the event being “so big and so loud.”

With the astonishing designs seen at this event, it can be concluded that Guyana’s fashion industry has evolved. Several designers showed up and showed off their capabilities, and the extent to which their creativity can be stretched.

The highlight of the event, however, was to celebrate makeup artistry. Chester said that a lot of negativity surrounds makeup artistry in Guyana, and makeup artists are often underrated and seen as persons who may not have done well in school, and were forced to resort to “painting faces”.

Chester said she is very proud to put MUA behind her name. “This is artistry; this is something we are passionate about. This is something that we love,” she said emphatically.
The room was filled with many other local se MUAs, who all applauded Chester and agreed with her sentiments.

She shared her story with attendees, from where her journey began in 2009, the many trials she faced, and how she got to where she is today.
The audience was entertained as well as inspired, as Chester’s story is one that epitomises a strong woman.

They were then treated to giveaways and a performance from Guyanese artiste, Samuel Medas. The night ended with the usual socialising, more photo ‘ops’, and partaking in the sumptuous feast that was laid on for the occasion.

Speaking with Chester after the event wrapped up, she was almost in tears, so overwhelmed was she by the support she got.

Three beauties walking the Red Carpet as they headed into ‘Fifty Shades of MUA’ (Photos by Carl Croker)

She told ‘The Buzz’ that her journey wasn’t a smooth one, but she is thankful to have made it to where she is today. She noted too, that the planning of the event was also no easy task, as there were many hiccups along the way.

However, she profusely thanked her strong support system that kept her together, and helped steer the event to success.

Family members Keon and Michelle Howard of ‘Winedays’, Denise Andrews, Kasandi Eastman, Akosua OduYefo and Quinton Pearson are but a few of the persons Chester credited the success of the event to.

She said that while ‘Fifty Shades of MUA’ will become an annual event, the theme will take different forms every year.

Chester expressed many thanks to everyone who supported her throughout the years, and who supported her event on Sunday.