Make examples of moles


Dear Editor
I make reference Guyana Chronicle “Sleepers exist in every ministry – Min. Jordan”, of May 31.

I am glad that Minister Jordan has finally, as a representative of the coalition government, given pronouncement on a matter which the general public has been giving its views for a while. Without any pretence at comfort, this is indeed a very dangerous situation, because of the harm that these clearly subversives can do to the government’s numerous socio-economic programmes; for changing the lives of the Guyanese people; and the challenge of taking the appropriate action against these clear enemies of the State, because of the kind of polarised society in which we live.

But I hasten to add, that it is quite lawful for any government, in any society, irrespective of cultural-political type/situation, to effect condign action against any member of the state’s public service, found to be engaged in activities, inimical to its best interests. To be specific, any public sector worker found to be in contravention of the trust reposed in him/her, should be dismissed forthwith, and be placed before the courts, since there are provisions in the law for the latter action to be taken. It is standard in every other jurisdiction. In the Private Sector, any member of its work force found to be committing any act(s) that will affect the material well-being, reputation and advancement of whatever entity, is immediately going to suffer the ultimate consequence of dismissal. And it would be correct to do so, particularly if the specific offence is proven.

It is well known that the coalition government has stopped short of removing well-known elements of the opposition, ensconced in what can be described as sensitive positions, because of its magnanimity, and in addition to wanting to re-construct a public service that must be professional in content, and neutral in its service to the public.

This policy is well understood by these political elements that are still in service. However, referencing the minister’s experience as it relates to details of his duty-free concession being posted on a Facebook page, is clear evidence of a response from elements who may have the perception of a government that is afraid to take action against them, which I do not think is the case.

About two years ago, a well-known rights activist and political commentator warned about the PPP/C leaving behind, a system that is booby trapped. There was no doubt that he had been referring to party adherents that were still in place within the public service, with the ability to stymie government programmes. It is against this background that the government’s initial complaints about the sloth in implementing Public Service Improvement Projects (PSIPs) can be seen and understood. It had to take what can be described as the reading of the “riot act” by a very senior government functionary, to senior public officers, and periodical follow–ups for progress reporting, before an acceptable improvement increase percentage, began to occur.

Notwithstanding government’s magnanimity and intention to create a professional service as Minister Jordan reminded, there is a reality that has to be confronted: a category of public servants, ever since known and identified for their dishonest practices, who are still functioning within the public system; and who still owe their loyalty to the political opposition, rather than to the State in terms of their professional duties. That these persons are part and parcel of a continuous strategy which is aimed against the government; but also, against the people of this country, is well known.

They do not mean well, nor do they have the good of the government at heart. They are trenchant anti-government, for they see the latter as a governance unit only through the blinkered lens of race. Their daily calendar is underlined on dangerous mischief, for such is the primary function of “sleepers”, ready to do the bidding of their master(s).
“Sleepers” are in effect saboteurs in most instances. They are where they are, to commit harm, and other acts that are destabilising in nature. One hopes that the Guyana Revenue Authority is able to trace the source of the leaking of Minister Jordan’s details, which are wholly confidential. It is time that very exemplary examples be made of this more than dangerous collective.

Earl Hamilton