The barefacedness of Anil Nandlall


Dear Editor,
I THINK that if ever there was a man or political party that epitomises hypocrisy and barefacedness, it’s Anil Nandlall and the PPP/C. When in power, they did everything to destroy Glen Lall. Today they use his paper to attack others. Both Nandlall and his party should publicly apologise to this unique businessman for his ability to demonstrate his big-heartedness.

I would like to ask the Guyanese public to think for a moment, then answer this question: “What is it in SOCU and SARA that is scaring the hell out of Nandlall?” For any man or woman to spend so much time attacking these institutions,there must be cause for concern. Nandlall pretends that in attacking SARA, he is trying to protect the poor from political witch hunters.

Nandlall thinks that by repeating his nonsense, the public would believe him. Nandlall has repeatedly stated that SARA’s personnel cannot be professional, because they support certain political parties. People need to understand that SARA can take cases to court, but it is up to the judge to decide if the cases have enough substance in order for a verdict to be given in SARA’s favour. It must also be understood that monies and properties recovered do not go to party coffers but back to the Consolidated Fund. I am a Guyanese who reads; Nandlall cannot pull wool over my eyes.

In the dictionary, stealing is defined as “taking or removing or using something that is not your own without permission.” Nandlall carted off a set of law books belonging to the State, without the State’s awareness, yet he claims that this is not stealing. This man seeks to make fools of Guyanese by his behaviour and lopsided reasoning. This man attempts to play the public like a fiddle; he is a big-time user.

Nandlall was caught on tape threatening the staff at Kaieteur News. The staff of that newspaper worked in fear up to May 2015. However, today, this same ingrate uses the same newspaper to attack others. Nandlall’s actions qualify him to be described as a “user”. Nandlall’s claim that because Prof.

Thomas, Mr Retemyer and Mr. Phillips are from the WPA and the PNC, they would be unable to conduct themselves professionally is utter foolishness, as Nandlall was once Guyana’s Attorney-General, and he was member of the PPP. Is he judging SARA’s ability to perform by his tarnished and unprofessional reputation? Well, I must conclude that since Nandlall is a ‘Chatree’, and Crum-E-Wing was lower than a ‘Chamar’, he saw no need to mount an investigation into the man’s assassination. Finally, I ask the nation to tally the writings of Nandlall as he attacks SOCU and SARA, and you will find that his venom amounts to volumes; and he is not doing this to safeguard the rights of the poor or the hardworking Guyanese, but to justify the theft of State property by his rich elitist friends.
George Archer.