City Hall urges removal of objects from parapets


Dear Editor,

THE Town Clerk of Georgetown (ag), Mrs. Sharon Harry-Munroe is calling on citizens to remove objectionable objects from parapets and reserves within the confines of the city. The Council is scheduled to commence a campaign, which aims at ridding city spaces of derelicts from June 30, 2019.

The Georgetown Mayor and City Council continues to express dissatisfaction with the manner in which derelict vehicles are placed on parapets, reserves and other thoroughfares. The Council will commence an aggressive campaign to rid the City of these objectionable structures. Derelict vehicles placed on parapets and reserves pose a serious threat to life and limb, since they often block the view of pedestrians and vehicular traffic, which can result in accidents.

Also, in several communities, the criminals use derelict vehicles as a hideout to pounce on unsuspecting citizens. This act is against the Law, according to the Municipal and District Council Act, Chapter 28.01, Article 10 (1), which states that no person shall leave, place or store, or cause to store any vehicle, dray cart, barrel, box, dustbin, tree trunk, branch limb, or other things upon any street, parapet, pavement or footpath, or in any other way encumber any street, parapet or pavement with any vehicle, car, dray, barrel, box, dust bin or other things. The City Engineer shall have the power to remove any such vehicle, car, dray, barrel, box, dust-bin, tree trunk, branch limb, or other things whatsoever left, placed or stored contrary to Paragraph (1), and the cost of removing by the Town Clerk in a court of competent jurisdiction from such a person.

Anything coming into the possession of the City Engineer by virtue of Paragraph 3 and remaining unclaimed for a period of one month after the date of its removal, may be sold or otherwise disposed of by the Council; provided that where it is reasonably necessary to effect a sale or disposal of such things by reason of it being in a dangerous state to the health of human beings, animals or plants, or by reason of it being of a perishable nature, the sale or disposal of it may be affected at such time as determined by Council.

The Council may deduct from any proceeds obtained pursuant to the exercise of its power under Paragraph (4) any expenses properly incurred in effecting the removal and sale, or disposal, as the case may be, and any sum in excess of such expenses shall be retained by the Council for a period of three years and, if not lawfully claimed, be paid into the Consolidated Funds for public use.

Also, any person who shall race an animal or vehicle along any street, or drive any animal or vehicle on any street, recklessly or negligently or at a speed or in a manner which is dangerous to the public, shall be guilty of an offense against these bylaws.

The Council is calling on owners of derelict vehicles to remove those encumbrances from public spaces since this practice damages the shoulder of the roads. They also provide the ideal breeding places for rodents and other vectors. Therefore, the Council is seeking the full cooperation of all citizens with its efforts to restore the aesthetics and advance the interest of Georgetown City. This is the final notice.
Debra Lewis,
Public Relations Officer