Bandits beat, rob two women

The track the bandits used to escape after robbing the Sankar family on Monday

MASKED bandits beat and rob a grandmother and her daughter after invading their home at around 14:00 hrs on Monday.

Bibi Shakela Sankar was chatting with her daughter Razia, 27, when the bandits snuck into their home, through a kitchen door which was opened.

It was the second attack on the New Street, East Canje family in five years.

According to reports, the bandits stole three gold bangles, two gold rings, two gold chains, one Samsung tablet, a Samsung cellphone, and two tablets, all together valuing in excess of $600,000.

“I pleaded with them not to beat me. I will give them everything I have. I had to get up. They followed me. I got the jewels I had. I gave them. They asked for money. I had $10, 000 in my purse. They wanted more. They broadsided us with the cutlass. They ransacked the drawer in which I had $40,000 that my brother had sent to me to go and see a doctor. I am a sickly woman. I have a heart condition,” Bibi related.

The bandits also beat the children in the home. At the time of the intrusion, Razia was talking to her father-in-law on the cellular phone. The father-in-law heard the commotion and summoned the police.

Rafiq Sankar, one of Bibi’s sons, said the robbery occurred less than 10 minutes after he and his father left home. He was at the Reliance Police Station regarding an unrelated matter when he received a phone call, informing him of the robbery.

The police responded promptly but by then the bandits escaped through a narrow track, a short distance from the victims’ home.

Police are investigating the robbery.