UPDATED: Bandits shot dead on Norton Street


Gunfire erupted and disturbed the peace on Norton Street , Lodge this evening as several bandits were shot dead by the police during a standoff.

Two of the men have been identified as Shawn Browne Jr and Junior Nurse.The former is said to be the son of the notorious Shawn Browne who was among several dangerous criminals who were involved in a brutal crime wave following the 2002 Camp Street  jail break.

Reports are that around 2100hrs this evening, the gunmen ambushed a construction worker and his five-year- old son in their home and during this time,  the police were informed.

Several police ranks converged on the scene to provide backup and in the process , one of the lawmen was injured while the victims escaped from their home via a window.

The injured rank was rushed to the Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation for treatment while residents and curious onlookers converged on the scene.During this time there was a rapid exchange of gunshots between the gunmen and the police.

Police ranks are continuing their investigations into the incident.

The Guyana Police Force was under pressure from the public as a spike in robberies in and around the city , including the busy Stabroek Market area, sparked criticism from various circles.

The police has since responded to the situation and their efforts have been yielding positive results.