Independence Celebration starts from tonight


As Guyana prepares to celebrate its 53rd year as an independent country, the Government of Guyana is hosting an independence show at Stabroek square, this evening starting from 7:00pm.

The show will feature several Guyanese artistes such as Jumo, Big Red, Mark Batson, Brandon Harding, Stephen Ramphal, Saiku Andrews, just to name a few.

These artistes will be singing their original songs, and they were asked to perform songs that celebrate and promote Guyana’s culture as well.

Director for Culture within the Ministry of Cohesion, Tamika Boatswain had said that it is important to preserve what is unique to Guyana and push the agenda of fostering patriotic citizens.

Our independence, she said, has great significance to our country, and should have great significance to our people.

Providing a stage for local acts to showcase their talent, singing songs that promote patriotism and Guyana’s culture, is just one of the many ways to show love and appreciation to the country and what it possesses.

Apart from tonight’s show, the Government will also be hosting a grand extravaganza at D’Urban Park on Sunday, where 5,000 children from across the country will be participating in the activities.

Involving the children in the Nation’s celebration, is to give them the opportunity to get a full understanding of the significance of May 26th, to Guyana, and also for them to be given to opportunity to showcase their abilities.

Boatswain said the children have been rehearsing for the past month and they are all very excited.

The children were also trained to raise the Golden Arrow Head, and they will be doing that on the 26th, after the cultural presentations.

Sunday’s activities will commence from 10:00AM.

All persons are asked to come out and support this national activity.