Less tolerance for corruption now than before

AFC Executive Member, Dominic Gaskin

– says Gaskin

ALTHOUGH admitting that corruption cannot be completely eradicated, Alliance For Change (AFC) Executive Member, Dominic Gaskin, said tolerance for corruption is less compared to the period prior to 2015.

“I think there is less tolerance of corruption now… there is a lot more transparency and accountability,” said Gaskin during a press briefing on Friday.

He said although the tolerance is low, corruption still remains a problem in Guyana and there is a lot more work to be done in order to address the issue.
Gaskin encouraged persons to assist government in fighting corruption by reporting incidents of corruption.

“As I said, it is a work in progress and there remains a lot of work to be done,” said Gaskin, adding that the A Partnership for National Unity and Alliance For Change (APNU+AFC) Government has achieved a lot over the past four years in office.
Trinidadian Engineering Consultant, Richard Small, had recently urged Guyanese to be wary of corruption, particularly as the country prepares to develop infrastructure through its oil and gas wealth.

“By experience or by fact, it has been shown that there is a strong potential that corruption is going to step in and that is something I think we should all need to be very mindful of and careful of so that it doesn’t impact the potential for infrastructure growth and development in Guyana,” Small highlighted.

Corruption, according to him, has led to bad project selection, poor quality construction, and increased price of construction, time cost overruns, insufficient maintenance, low returns and negative impacts on economic development.

Infrastructure, he said, adds to the overall development of a country, and as such, it needs to be done in a sustainable manner.