Chief Parliamentary Counsel debunks falsehoods


Dear Editor,
I have read a letter circulated on social media addressed to His Excellency, President David Granger, members of the Cabinet and the members of the executive council of the APNU and AFC. This letter alleges, among other things, that I was not immune from constant abuse by the Hon. Attorney General and Minister of Legal Affairs, Hon Basil Williams, SC, MP.

Mr. Editor, if I fail to respond to this falsehood and not seek to correct it, I would be neglecting my moral duty and bring the office of the Chief Parliamentary Counsel into disrepute. During the attorney general and minister of legal affairs’ tenure, I have never been abused as was stated in the letter. On the contrary, Mr. Williams and I have a very cordial working relationship which allows for the efficient running of the Drafting Division. The attorney general and minister of legal affairs has always supported me in my work as Chief Parliamentary Counsel and has been a consummate professional. It is Mr. Williams who recommended me for the Cacique Crown of Honour (CCH) and in fact, held an appreciation for me at the Chambers recognising my contribution to legislative drafting in Guyana.

Mr. Editor, this falsehood has made me anxious that it could possibly be entertained and believed by the people of Guyana and more particularly, the Head of State. I considered my name mentioned in this letter to be an attempt to cause disharmony to the normal, cordial working relationship between the Hon. Attorney General and I. This letter in circulation is most undesirable and I hope that my response assists in removing any perceived notion of any impropriety by an attorney general, who is well respected and endeared by the staff of the Attorney General’s Chambers and Ministry of Legal Affairs and the people of Guyana.

Charles Fung-a-Fatt, SC, CCH