‘Frass Friday’: A dream come true for the underprivileged

Part of the regular crew at ‘Frass Friday’

–to help keep them off the streets

HE has but one burning ambition, and that is to provide a platform to showcase young local talent, and create the kind of burturing environment where the youths of Tiger Bay can be inspired to make something of their otherwise uneventful lives. He is Jahmai Charles, also known as ‘Jahie’, and to do it, he teamed up with Kevin Scott, better known as ‘Prodigy’, to host what is known as ‘Frass Friday’.

In an interview with ‘The Buzz Magazine’, ‘Jahie’ said that ‘Frass Friday’ started since last November, and is held every Friday at Sister P’s Ital shop on Rosemary Lane, one of the more popular streets in downtown Tiger Bay.
‘Frass Friday’ is an ‘open mic’ event that allows upcoming artistes, or persons with lyrical ability to take the floor and share their hidden talent.

Since it began last year, ‘Jahie’ said, the youths and artistes continue to support and look forward to it every Friday.

“Only positive, conscious music is allowed on ‘Frass Friday’ to uplift the youths and motivate them to do well in life,” he said.

He is the promoter, ‘Jahie’ said, while Scott is a young artiste. Together they decided to collaborate and use their influence for the greater good.

They’re hoping to get as much support as they possibly can, so as to be able to expand and provide a bigger platform for the youths, and have started adding prizes to their showcase.