Loving his work – regardless

Superintendent of Works of the Mon Repos NDC, Kubjbharry Ramgopaul, AKA Rocky

WORKING as the Superintendent of Works for the past 19 years, within the Mon Repos NDC, Kubjbharry Ramgopaul, 55, fondly called “Rocky,” said he has had some memorable and interesting days, even as he continues to execute his tasks.

According to Ramgopaul, his tasks are many, but because of having to constantly do many of the things that he has been doing over time, he began to see his work as less complicated.

“I have gotten accustomed to rising up early in the morning, leaving home anytime around 05:00hrs, whether it is raining or not, so as to ensure that what has to be done is done and that there is no excuse…some people tend to think that I am “soft” and would try to take advantage on me when it comes to work, but this is not so. I just do not like to bully anybody or do anything to let them feel that I am this ‘big boss’,” he explained.

Ramgopaul, who is married and has four children, told the Pepperpot Magazine that he was born in Lusignan and is now living in the sister village of Good Hope, where he was able to acquire a house lot and build a home of his own. He said that his last child is still in school and is preparing to write the Secondary School Entrance Examinations next month. The others, he said, are older and are trying to seek jobs and make lives for themselves.

Strong memories
Ramgopaul told the Pepperpot Magazine that life on the job could be very challenging at times and there are times when he is sure that it is only because of his love for the job, and also the need to take care of his family that he holds on.

“I always try to do my best and always want people to feel that they can depend on me to carry out my tasks. For example, during the 2005 floods, we were really flooded out badly, but this did not stop me from going out there and getting the work done. So one morning during the flood time I went to work just on time to save a bundle of worries, because the water was creeping up to attack our files and other important records, which I was able to save and put in a safe place,” he related, saying that was one of many other situations that he was able to do on the job by always being there and on time.

The Superintendent of Works of the Mon Repos NDC was quick to state that not all of his experiences were good, saying that one such experience stands out in his mind up to today, even though he is neither bitter nor fearful.

He stated that some years ago (in late 2009) he had a really bad experience as he attempted to carry out legitimate work. “I was in the company of other staff members early one Sunday after attempting to clean up the Mon Repos market.
This was not the first time I had such a task to perform, so I was quite aware of what I had to do. Part of it was to ensure that stalls were not left in the market. Upon noticing that there a few left around, I decided to do what was expected of me, and that was to ensure that those stalls were impounded at the NDC office, where they were going to be safe,” he said.

He explained that as he and his workers were attempting to remove the stalls, someone attacked him and did as much harm to him as they were able to do. He displayed to the Pepperpot Magazine a badly scarred hand that he said was also broken in three places. This he said was the result of a beating with a piece of wood.

Ramgopaul said he was also very sick at one time and even suffered a stroke, but he is very thankful for life; thankful for his family and also very thankful for the kind and understanding staff with whom he works on a daily basis.

He said that he is not bitter or hateful, and so he would like to encourage all people to take it one day at a time and not allow anger to fill their hearts.