Gabriel Noble | Making a name through Dancehall music


MUSIC is an avenue on which a lot of young people in Guyana trod. Across the country, we find young people being very fond of either writing, playing instruments, or making some contribution to the art of musical composition.

They all do it for varying reasons, ranging from finding comfort to becoming a superstar.
This week’s personality is a 21-year-old who realised his lyrical ability at a very young age and committed to his talent, and is now a recording artiste.

Gabriel Noble describes himself as one of the best lyricist in Guyana. He not only writes, but he sings, records, and performs his music.

In an interview with ‘The Buzz Magazine’, the young man said that he has developed a love for Dancehall, as it allows his music to come deep from his heart and represent the things people are most afraid of.

“In my early childhood, I was always fond of music in all different genres, but I became most fond of the Dancehall genre and decided to make that my niche in the entertainment business,” he said.

Noble shared that he began writing lyrics since he was 14, and by 18, he was already recording and producing his own records.

“Whilst at Morgan Learning Centre, where I completed my high school studies, I balanced music and the groundwork of a solo career by recording music in and around local studios whenever I got the chance,” he said.

From the age of 16, Noble said, he produced songs that have been recognised around the world, and it has been opening many notable opportunities.

“My most empowering was ‘In this world’ that spoke of the prevalent issues of crime and poverty in Guyana. Ongoing with my career, I have been pleased to perform at several shows throughout the country. I have also been privileged to share the stage with iconic artistes such as Spice, Govana and Masicka. My music has reached to the level that it has been acknowledged by famous producers and a wide fan-base in countries such as Jamaica, France and Germany,” the young artiste said.

He told ‘The Buzz Magazine’ that he is working on new music and videos to release, and he intends to travel soon, as he prepares to do great things with other producers and artistes.

The ultimate goal for Noble is to be in a position where he can provide a good life for his family.

“Growing up, I was not as affluent and privileged as many others may have been. One of my long-term goals is to be successful enough to give my family the life that I was not able to have. I also wish to be an inspiration to the youths out there as my career grows,” he said.