Living with Intention in Arizona


ARIZONA is now added to my list of favourite places in the United States. My fabulous cousin and two co-authors from Women Across Borders live there. Although it was my first visit, it did not feel that way because of the hospitality I experienced every second of my time there. .I reconnected with my cousin Yoland after 15 years and our time together was priceless. We compared good and bad notes about our dads who are sadly both deceased.

Living with Intention/ Women Across Borders was hosted by Bethany Love Hanna who shared her story in Women Across Borders-With a Mission. She said in her opening remarks that the opportunity to be part of this anthology has added so much purpose and intention to her life. She feels convicted to make a positive difference in other women’s lives.

Shanon was one of the dynamic women who presented at the event. She is featured in my latest Amazon bestseller Rising from the Ashes. She is unbreakable and unstoppable in all areas of life. She has overcome the 3 D’s: Death, Divorce and Disease and is passionate about assisting women to overcome. How fitting it was to launch this book Pheonix because The Phoenix is often referred to as a firebird, because it dies and is reborn out of the fire.

The lineup featured Nicole Brown, Sidney Leigh, Arie Matisse and Tamra Blenkenship. One of the things I noticed at this event is my first book Living With Intention always outsells the others. The feedback from my presentation was so encouraging and many women are interested in my online classes. I have received many messages which reminded that my story is impacting people around the world.

Please allow me to share one with you: ” Sonia, on my ride home, I cried. I cried tears of joy for the first time in a long time. I am so grateful for the opportunity to spend the afternoon with you. You are someone that I now look up to. You have inspired me to be a better woman. You have motivated me to want to do better not only for my life but for others. I will be following you very closely. Thank you so much for your words of encouragement and your kindness. You are an incredible woman and I can’t even find the right words to tell you just how great you are. I would honestly have to make up a new word because none even come close to how magnificent, incredible, awesome and inspirational you truly are.”

It is an accomplishment. Even if there is just one person you caused to have that mind shift, chances are that person will go on to do the same. I also introduced my clothing line to Arizona so women are wearing Sonia Noel Designs there. My signature long braids again was a hit and assisted in people starting conversations with me which is already leading to business opportunities. I swear if I ask for $1 per compliment I will be so rich lol. I am not physically there but very soon Living with Intention will be on air in Arizona, God’s willing.

One of the highlights of my trip is meeting the Bergers family, owners and co-founders of the Tree of Life Movement. Their mission is to unify mankind through a global spiritual awakening ignited by the realisation of the power held by human intention. We instantly clicked and know we will be collaborating in the future. The pic in this article features speakers wearing the intention necklace with the founder.

I trust all the ladies and the guys who supported had a great Women’s History Month and that each took away something that can help you or someone else. Let’s go into a new month with this momentum to share and care and continue to celebrate this beautiful journey called life BEYOND THE RUNWAY.