Braithwaite wins GuyanaNRA Spoon Shoot

Lennox Braithwaite collects the spoon from vice-captain Dylan Fields.

THE GuyanaNRA held its first Spoon Shoot last Sunday at the Timehri Rifle Ranges at Yarrowkabra, Soesdyke/Linden Highway. The conditions were described as having tricky winds with smoke appearing on the ranges at interval.

The Spoon Shoot, historically, goes back to early twentieth century in England where the regiments competed for this prize.

It is actually a teaspoon with rifle-related engravings and has continued to be competed for and presented, in most rifle associations around the world.
The GuyanaNRA Spoon Shoot, sponsored by Crown Mining, was over the 300, 600 and 1 000 yards.

Veteran marksman Lennox Braithwaite finally rose to the occasion with a fantastic display of shooting over the ranges, by not dropping any points with the maximum score of 105.
However, he attained 9Vs instead of the maximum 21 attainable Vs.
He shot 35.2 at 300 yards, 35.4 at 600 yards and 35.3 at 1 000 yards. This was reminiscent of his scores at the Commonwealth Games.

Ransford Goodluck, who was also at the last Commonwealth Games, was second with 97.3 points.
He shot 34.1 at 300 yards, 32.1 at the 600 yards and then ended with 31.1 at the 1 000 yards.

There was a tie for third position between Peter Persaud and Sherwin Filicien, but on countback Persaud was awarded the third position.

Persaud, who won the opening competition, shot 34.4 at 300, 29.1 at 600 and 27.0 at 1 000 yards while Filicien shot 30.2 at 300, a possible at 600, with 35.2 then followed with 25.1 at 1 000 yards.

Dylan Fields shot a total of 88.3 and Leo Romalho shot 82.3.
The ranges have been a big challenge to the marksmen since they resumed competitive shooting for 2019. They are scheduled to participate in Postal Team Shoot, which has been reintroduced by the West Indies Fullbore Shooting Council.