Venezuela crisis: Guaidó aide faces terrorism charge


A top aide to Venezuelan opposition leader Juan Guaidó is being charged with terrorism after he was arrested by President Nicolas Maduro’s government.
Mr Guaidó’s chief of staff Roberto Marrero, 49, is accused of planning “acts of sabotage” against officials.

Venezuela’s Interior Minister Nestor Reverol said that “weapons and foreign currency” were found by intelligence services during a raid on his home.
Mr Guaidó has called for Mr Marrero’s immediate release.

He said that the security forces had committed an “illegal and unconstitutional” act, adding that he believed the items allegedly found at Mr Marrero’s home had been planted there.
Mr Guaidó has described his aide’s detention as a “vile, vulgar kidnapping”.
Mr Marrero was arrested as part of an operation to dismantle a “terrorist cell” allegedly planning attacks on the government, Mr Reverol said.
His bodyguard, Luis Paez, faces similar charges.(BBC)