‘Get the Youths involved, be disciplined’

Officers from the Guyana People’s Militia posing with Regional Executive Officer, Denis Jaikarran and other regional officials in the boardroom of the Regional Democratic Council

Guyana National Cadet Corps launched in Region Two

By Indrawattie Natram

DISCIPLINE, alertness and focus are some of the attributes that are essential in the upbringing of youths in today’s society. With the introduction of the Guyana National Cadets Corps, it will enable youths to be more responsible and focused and therefore contribute positively to society. This was according to Region Two Regional Executive Officer, Denis Jaikarran at the launch of the Guyana National Cadets Corps Programme. The programme was recently launched at the Cotton Field Secondary School.

The building that will be used by the Guyana People’s Militia

The Programme has been launched in all other administrative regions with Region Two being the last. During the launch, the REO explained the importance and the benefits of signing up for the programme to teachers, parents and children in Essequibo.

He also called on persons especially teachers to become volunteers. Students will be given the opportunity to receive rigorous training from the Guyana People’s Militia and the Guyana Cadet Corps.

Jaikarran gave the Regional Administration full commitment towards the implementation of the programme. He used the opportunity to inform the gathering that he is a former Guyana National Service Trainee and he was happy that he participated in such programme as a teenager.

With that in mind, he said he is happy that Cotton Field Secondary School will be in charge of the Guyana National Cadet Corps and gave the Region’s full support to accommodate same. He also gave permission for Lieutenant Colonel Lloyd Souvenir for the Coastal Battalion to proceed with the expansion of the Anna Regina Camp

Regional Executive Officer Denis Jaikarran conducting an inspection of the site areas for the Guyana People’s Militia’s establishment

Earlier the Commandant of the Guyana People’s Militia, Cornel Paul Author and Lieutenant Colonel Lloyd Souvenir of the Coastal Battalion and Military Team met with the REO and conducted discussions on the programme and the way forward.

Lieutenant Souvenir informed Regional Officials that the Guyana People’s Militia will be based at the old Guyana Defence Force Infantry training building in Maria’s Lodge and the Guyana National Cadet Corps at a building near to the GDF base in Anna Regina.

The programme will be open to persons between the age of 17-35. These persons will be trained as reserves and will be engaged in rigorous training for two years especially in the evenings and on weekends.

Recruits will be reimbursed and a stipend will be available to assist in any crisis, natural disasters or heightened tensions. They will also be actively involved in Regional Activities such as Republic, Independence and Remembrance Day. The Guyana People’s Militia was first introduced in 1976 as reserves for the Guyana Defence Force.

The Regional Executive Officer speaking to the children at the Cotton Field Secondary school

The Guyana National Cadet Corps was launched in 2018 by his Excellency President David Granger. The programme was then introduced to pilot secondary schools across the country with Region Two being the last. This programme targets secondary school children from the ages of 12 to 16. Uniform for the cadets will be provided; also, teachers who wish to sign up for the programme will be assigned ranks similar to their teaching status and even offered a stipend for their duty. The student Cadets will attend classes in Language, Mathematics, Spanish, Portuguese, Civil Studies, Discipline, among others.

The main stakeholders of the programme