Team Mohamed’s GTR cleared ahead of Drag Race meet

The former world record-holding Nissan GTR was recently acquired by Team Mohamed’s Enterprise.

THE much-talked-about former world record-holding Nissan GTR, recently acquired by Team Mohamed’s Enterprise, was cleared yesterday morning.
The car, a featured attraction for the March 24 first drag race meet was cleared at the John Fernandes Wharf.

Already the buzz around the car is promoting competition out of Suriname with several of that country’s drivers already lining up to take shots.
The GTR is the third for the team, who have the current strip record at 7.52 seconds in an undefeated monster called Goliath.

Everything that has been thrown at Goliath, it has been able to overcome, including a railcar from Trinidad and it is expected that the newest addition to the family will be the biggest and ‘baddest’.
The car comes at an opportune time when the Guyana Motor Racing and Sports Club (GMR&SC) is moving apace with its launch-pad.

The pad will allow high-horsepower cars to better put down their power, something the new GTR requires if it as to run at its best.
In addition to that, Mohamed’s Enterprise, the company associated with the team, has opted to extend the strip from 1 000ft to a full quarter-mile.

The car will also require a full quarter-mile in order to attain its fastest times as that is what it was tuned for.
The tuners of the car will arrive shortly, with testing expected to begin once works are completed at the South Dakota Drag Strip.