President accredits new US Ambassador to Guyana

President David Granger (centre) chats with newly-accredited US Ambassador to Guyana US Ambassador Sarah-Ann Lynch and Spouse of the Ambassador Dr. Kevin Healy. (Adrian Narine photo)

…says US encourages “genuinely free and fair elections”

New United States ambassador to Guyana Sarah-Ann Lynch presented her credentials to President David Granger on Wednesday morning.

Ambassador Lynch was sworn in at the State Department in Washington D.C on March 1, 2019.During her meeting with the President , Lynch reiterated that the US will continue to encourage “genuinely free and fair elections” in Guyana.

“During our long relationship with Guyana we have witnessed significant progress. We have seen a strengthening of democratic process and political institutions along with broader political participation and citizen representation,” Lynch stated during her meeting with the Head of State.

“Moving forward, we will continue to encourage genuinely free and fair elections; freedom of speech and assembly; multiparty representation and a constitutional judiciary process,”she said.

President Granger, in his remarks to Lynch, spoke of Guyana’s value on remaining a “zone of peace” in the Caribbean Region and the South American continent.

Threatening this peace is the Guyana/Venezuela border controversy as embattled Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro lays claim to parts of the country’s land , a move which started shortly after the discovery of oil here in 2015.

“Peace in our region could be endangered by transnational threats such as trafficking in people, weapons and narcotics; money laundering; illegal migration; environmental hazards and territorial aggressions,” the President said.

President Granger said that Guyana looks forward to the US’s support in its legitimate quest to protect its economy; territorial integrity and sovereignty even as US-Guyana relations have been founded on mutual respect and benefit.

Ambassador Lynch during her remarks, noted that  she is impressed by the history and collaboration between the two countries and stating that as Guyana embarks towards significant transition and growth, the US will continue its support.