Our young ladies should be a priority


I am enjoying Women History Month more than any year I can remember. It started with very energetic young ladies from ten schools at the Theatre Guild for the Living with Intention Youth Forum which was free for the students.

Then the Women in Business Expo and INSPIRE YOU event was hosted on March 2-3. What gave me even more energy is the messages received from the exhibitors, patrons, students and teachers after the event on how the event impacted their lives. One headteacher called with great excitement in her voice “Miss Noel your name is ringing in my school and the children want the date for the next event,” she said. Teachers and children got emotional with stories resonating with their lives.

The words “next level for business” and “best year so far” were used by many of the exhibitors.All the speakers received messages from students sharing what they took away and changes they plan to make. One student sent me a pic holding the bookmark they received before going into the venue. She commended me on my fashion and the difference I am making in society. One teacher said, “Don’t ever stop because our girls need this.”

My mentor John Maxwell said you judge the success of an event by the positive impact it had on people so we can say these events were certainly successful. When I conceptualised this new forum to add to the list of events, I thought it would be a great idea to collaborate with the youth department. I called the Director of Youth with a high level of enthusiasm to discuss the possibility of a partnership. I got her email sent a letter with the details and asked if the department can assist with a backdrop.

I followed up with a message indicating the letter was sent. I received “Noted” and never heard from her to this day. A few days before the event Ramps Logistics sponsored the backdrop. We need to use every opportunity to empower our young people and encourage them to be in an environment that will contribute to their growth.

On International Women’s Day it was an honour to be the guest speaker at St Stanislaus College and again the energy was contagious interacting with the kids.
I did promise this week to continue with the thank yous because I could not have done it alone.

Big thank you to Dr. Paloma Mohammed and her board for partnering with for the venue
Thanks to our partners:
Ramps Logistics, Integrated Security Services, Ministry of Business, Ministry of Public Infrastructure and Ministry of Public Telecommunications

Contributors :
Ming’s Products and Services Small Business Bureau, Starr Party Rentals, E Networks 96.1 Voice. FM 93.1 Real FM Icon Media.World Dignity Inc., Metro office supplies, New GPC, Pollo Tropical, Royal Castle, Cara Lodge and king suites

Special Mention:
Hon. Minister of Public Infrastructure, Mr. David Patterson, Hon. Minister of Public Telecommunications, Ms. Catherine Hughes, Hon. Minister of Business, Mr. Dominic Gaskin, Hon. Minister of State, Joseph Harmon. Ms. Mikiko Tanaka, Danielle John, Trevor Gobin, Jamal Phang, Elizebeth Chan, Lucria Rambalak, Carolyn Murray, Shiv Dindyal, Roger Parent Stanley Ming ,Apostle Claude and Pastor Carol Brooks, Pastor Frank Corbin, Mandy Isaacs, Palm Court , Amrita Rivas-Pierre, Terrence Campbell, We Own Space, Kenneth Parris, Cleadon Brummell ,Veronica Glenn, Nick Boyer, Pastor Denise Harris, Mark Archer, Joan Ramlogan, Mr. Robert Badal, Mr. Montenegro, Kaieteur News Guyana Chronicle, Malika Ramsey, Ariane Mangar ,Nadia French, Paper Craft, Lennox Cush , Duke Lodge, Wendy Hermonstine, Adam Harris ,Nigel Willams, Bhisham Mohamed, Global Printing ,Lite 104.1 FM ,Guyana Chronicle, Kaieteur News ,Guyana Times Nightly News ,News Room. HJTV ,NCN, Merrano Isaacs ,WR Reaz, Eric Phillips, Savitre Sharma, Jasmaine Payne, Nadia French, Avia Maria Lindie, Seroj Mudlier, Hilda Bournes, Dr. Safeeya Mohammed, Christine Neblett, Shamane Headley, Dr. Latoya Gooding ,Ruth Wilson, Derrick Cummings, Pheadra Williams, Namela Schultz, Roshini Boodhoo Persaud, Shawn Heytemeyer ,Joseph Saunders,Dr. Colleen Bovell ,Carlos Montenegro, Joan Ramlogan , Keron Noble, Impressions, Kevin Victorine, Kerwin Bollers,Simone Dowding ,Jean Ann Harry ,Walterine Mc leod Nateica Garaway,Vijoya Taylor , Ruth Wilson ,Renata Burnet , Mike Cummings Management and staff of Pegasus , Nizam S Hussain, Khalid Jabbar ,Christine Neblette , Zulfikar Ally, Cloyette Harris Stoute ,Claudette Rogers ,Alexander Correia, Rennanne Hodge, Ruqayyah Boyer, speakers ,Volunteers, Models , Patrons & management and staff at the Pegasus . A big thank you to everyone who assisted in making INSPIRE YOU & EXPO 2019 a reality.
Let the celebration continue as we celebrate Women History Month.