Andyville gets electricity after 20 years

One of the main electricity posts in Andyville being switched on as regional officials look on

RESIDENTS of Andyville, Wismar, Linden, can now turn off their generators, their lamps and candles, as the community is now connected to the national grid.
It was an expression of joy and satisfaction by Andyville residents on Saturday as their community received electricity for the first time. Through determination and optimism, they endured much, to finally see their community lit.

Chairman and Vice-chairman of the Andyville CDC Michael Greene and Monica Harris at the ceremony on Saturday

The occasion was witnessed by Finance Minister Winston Jordan, Public Infrastructure Minister David Patterson and top regional officials, including Member of Parliament Jermaine Figueira, Regional Chairman Renis Morian and Mayor of Linden, Waneka Arrindell.
In their speeches, the ministers pledged to complete the project since about four more cross streets have not yet received street lights. It was also related that the neighbouring community Prosville is next on the agenda to receive electricity.

The provision of electricity is just the beginning of all the good things that will be made available under this government and the residents were reminded that for them to continue to benefit in this regard, voting for the coalition government at the next elections is a must.
Chairman of the Andyville Community Development Council (CDC), Michael Greene, was elated that after three years of pushing for electrification, it is now a dream come through for residents.

He thanked the government for fulfilling its commitment to provide electricity to the community, which had been in darkness for two decades.
“I feel pleased to know that my government has come through; they made a commitment and they stood to their commitment. It was challenge fighting for it, but they still come through,” he said.

Greene noted that other Linden residents would not understand what it is like, living in darkness for 20 years and now, electricity, is just a light switch away.
The electricity-installation process was conducted by the Linden Electricity Company (LEI), through the Ministry of Public Infrastructure. On Saturday however, it was handed over to the Linden Utility Services Co-op Society Limited (LUSCSL), which is the company that manages electricity on the Wismar shore.
The Public Infrastructure Ministry had initially appropriated $14M for the electrification project.

In a previous meeting, Minister Patterson had promised to work collaboratively with the Guyana Lands and Surveys Commission (GLSC) to see the regularisation process for the community expedited.

Andyville has over 300 residents. In 2017, they received three standpipes from the Guyana Water Authority (GWI) after CEO, Dr Van-West Charles visited the community. The absence of electricity in the community took a toll on the residents economically and socially. It also posed a great security threat to the community, since residents were in immense darkness at nights.