Prem Leela 2 captivates Essequibo audience

Another performance from the show.

THE Kandhiya Dance Troupe on the Essequibo Coast, last Saturday mesmerised its audience with their energetic performances at the recent Prem Leela 2 show held in the Auditorium of the Anna Regina Multilateral Secondary School.

Prince Saleem and Princess Swaragini performing during the show at the Anna Regina Multilateral Secondary School (ARMS)

Patrons were definitely amazed at the local performances and drama put together by dance teacher Ravindra Deowattie.

The night of drama and dances- Piya Moore, surely transformed the auditorium of ARMS into a Bollywood arena as different actors took the stage. Forty pieces of dancers were performed by dancers from the dance troupe. Dances were done on popular Bollywood hits such as “Allahu Akbar ” “Ghoomar, “Mohinjo daro” “Main Tera boyfriend”, “walla re walla” “Paniyon sa. Dilbar” and “ Laila o Laila”.

According to script writer of the play and owner of the Dance Troupe, Ravindra Deowattie the show was a success and thanked all his fans and supporters. He said that tickets were sold out and he was happy with the feedback he received from the Essequibo Population.

The play consisted of 41 scenes and 20 dances including Classical, folk and Bollywood.  Dancers were attired with the latest designed costumes and appropriate Props were on displayed as the Play unveiled before a packed audience.

Dancers from the dance troupe performing during the show

Prem Leela 2 was based on a Hindu and Muslim village Mohinjo Daro that was having a religious conflict. After years of Fighting Prince Saleem and Princess Swaragini took up the challenge to bring peace within the villages.

They wanted to see Muslims and Hindus live in harmony and peace. During the struggle the Prince and Princess met where they fell in love and fought to be together despite the village conflict and religious background. They were also married in the end and ruled the three kingdoms where the people became united.