GPSU salutes all women


Today March 8th, 2019, the world is celebrating International Women’s Day. This is a day set aside to honour the contributions of women around the world.

On behalf of the Executive Council and general membership of the Guyana Public Service Union (GPSU) I have the privilege to pay tribute to our nations’ women and women worldwide for their invaluable contributions to every aspect of society at great personal sacrifice.

In so doing GPSU endorses the theme for this year – #BalanceForBetter with optimism – however recognises that while this goal is a necessity, urgent action must be taken to eradicate all manmade and unwarranted obstacles that often obstruct their progress, their enlightenment, their development, their happiness and the fulfilment of their dreams which they definitely deserve.

Striving towards these achievements must attract and have the fullest support of the men folk which should be done most willingly with much zest, zeal and pride. It is therefore necessary to call on the males again to treat their colleagues who are women with respect and assist them in their personal development and aspirations.

On one hand there are many reasons for celebration when one notes women’s contributions to trade unionism, uniting people across cultures, linguistic, ethnic and economic boundaries, and the struggle for respect, equality, justice and peace. Women play a significant role in cultivating and enlightening young fresh minds which have led to natural partnership worldwide where they number greatly among those who by their hard work continue to mainly mould the family and replenish society with valued human resources, and (significantly) do so selflessly.

While recognising that women’s rights have improved worldwide and significant progress continues overtime, much more work must be done to be able to achieve global equality of opportunities for all women and eradication and zero tolerance for all forms of hindrance to the elevation of women and girls. No one should condone any compromise to women’s rights. Education for all women requires urgent attention to accelerate their access to available facilities that would contribute to rapid enhancement of their circumstances and attainment of goals being strived for.

The GPSU commits itself to take the necessary steps to continue to contribute to the achievement of the desired and noble goals of women. Once again I salute our women at home and worldwide and extend best wishes for success on this occasion.