‘STAGE’, the best Jouvert event is set for tonight


ALL roads will lead to the National Park Tarmac, Thomas Lands, Georgetown, this evening, for the greatest J’Ouvert experience.
ANSA McAL’s “STAGE”, has returned for its seventh year, to give Guyanese the opportunity to ‘celebrate, after hard work’.

The company introduced this event in 2013, naming it “Stag Stage”, after one of its imported beverages, ‘Stag’. Over the years, “Stag Stage” featured some of the biggest names in Soca music- `Destra’, Nadia Batson and `Farmer Nappy’, locally and regionally and bringing to Guyana rejuvenating performances, which put Guyanese in the spirit of Mashramani.
It has also provided a platform for Guyanese artistes to showcase their talent to the people of our country.

“Stag Stage” was later renamed “Stage” but the change in name did not change their magnificent execution.
Now, ”STAGE” has worked its way up to the most anticipated ‘night before Mash’ event, as it sees the attendance of thousands of patrons who come out to celebrate the festive season.
This year, the lineup is Lil Rick from Barbados; Guyana’s 2019 Soca and Chutney Monarchs, Brandon Harding and Steven Ramphal, respectively; Kwasi ‘Ace’ Edmondson; Michelle ‘Big Red’ King and the Heatwave Band.
There will also be several of Guyana’s most trending DJ’s; `Energy’, `Shizzle’, `Father Moey’, `Avinash’, `Anisah’ and `Ryan’.

With `Casual’ as the host of the event, it is expected to be nothing short of an amazing experience.
Patrons are encouraged not to wear any extravagant clothing, since it will be a “dirty” celebration, with paint, powder, water and stag.
Gates will be opened at 18:00hrs with show time set to commence at 20:00hrs.
Tickets will not be sold but customers can purchase a stag special, and receive a ticket. The ‘Stag Special’ may vary at various bars. There are limited VIP tickets on offer, you have to purchase a case of Stag beer and you will receive a free VIP ticket.
The promoters are urging persons to come out as early as they can, to enjoy the biggest fete of the Mashramani season.