`Kady Kish’ returns to the stage

`Kady Kish’ feeling the music during one of her performances

AFTER a two-year hiatus, young Kishana `Kady Kish’ Ferguson, has returned under new management, revived and ready to take on her musical journey ahead.

The 20-year-old Guyanese `Soca’ artiste said that her journey thus far, has been the toughest, and the break she took was necessary for her growth.
Not describing her experience in detail, the young woman said: “The journey really isn’t easy being a female artiste, and without proper guidance, you would be easily distracted. During my break from music, I sat back and thought why a lot of females don’t make it. Because when you don’t have money to do certain things, because being a female, they tend to want to substitute money, with flesh. I really didn’t want that. So I went and got myself a normal 9-5 job and I was going to forget about the music.”

However, Kady said she found her way back when she was contacted by Chenille Bowen, who asked her to join the Heatwave Band. Without hesitation, she accepted the offer.
`Kady Kish’ said she has been singing since she was three years old, but recognised that she was blessed with an amazing voice at age nine, when she sang in church.
During her secondary school years, Kady was constantly called upon to perform at concerts and other school activities. She later sang in the children’s calypso competition, and won the inter-schools, and the regional competitions.
“The owner of Fame Band, the band that normally backs the competitors in the competition, saw me and saw my potential. His exact words to me were `as soon as you’re out of school, contact me.’ He was indeed impressed, because three weeks after writing my last CXC subject, I got a message from the owner’s cousin, asking me if I’m ready to sing, and I accepted,” Kady said.

Continuously working with the band, Kady was recognised by DP Records producer, Darrell Pugsley, who later produced and released her songs.
“My first official stage performance as an artiste, was at “Stag Stage 2016”. I remembered being extremely nervous, but my mom was there and she prayed with me to take away my fears. When I hit that stage, I felt alive. I was still nervous, but I managed to impress a lot of people and left a buzz. After that, I’ve been on many shows around the country and I’ve been learning the music industry. I also recorded and released another Soca song called ‘How ah do it’ and a reggae called ‘Be wise and rise’. After that, I went off the scene, because I got discouraged,” the young woman expressed.

However, because music makes her happy, Kady has returned with the Heatwave Band, and is pumped about her experience thus far.
Since her induction with Heatwave, the band released its first release “De stage”, of which Kady, has a lead part. She will be performing at Stage 7, at the National Park tonight, with her new musical family.
“To persons who want to do music, especially young girls, my advice to you is to stay focus and don’t sell yourself short. It is not going to be easy at all, they are a lot… You just need to stay focused on what you want to achieve and you will not be distracted. Everyone has their time to shine! You can rule your destiny if you remain strong and believe in yourself. Someone has done you wrong, let success be your greatest revenge,” Kady admonished.