Retrial begins for fish-cleaner’s murder

The accused; Quaison Jones called ‘Blondie’ at the Demerara High Court

A TWELVE-member jury was on Monday empanelled to hear the evidence from witnesses in the retrial of the Meadowbank Wharf koker murder, which took place back in 2011.
According to the indictment, it is alleged that the accused, Quaison Jones called ‘Blondie’, killed Marlon Greene on January 17, 2011.

After the indictment was presented before Justice James Bovell-Drakes in the Demerara High Court, the accused, Quaison Jones pleaded not guilty to the murder charge.
Businessman Stephen Vieira took the stand and told the court that in January 2011, he was living with his family at Meadowbank Wharf koker, and related that he knows the accused and knew the deceased.

The witness identified the accused, who was seated in the box. He added that on the day in question at about 09:00hrs, he was at home when he heard a noise and decided to inquire of the happening.

In his evidence-in-chief, Vieira said he saw both the deceased and the accused ‘squaring up to fight’ and recalled seeing ‘Blondie’ in a ‘cuffing’ motion over the deceased, who had fallen to the ground.

He stated that he shouted at them to stop and went to get a closer look and realised that the ‘cuffing motion’ he saw, was the accused ‘boring’ the deceased with a knife he had in his hand.

The witness said he, along with others, picked up the injured Greene, who was bleeding from a wound to the neck, and took him in his bus to the hospital, where he was pronounced dead on arrival.

Under cross examination by defence attorney, Ronald Birch-Smith, the witness was asked whether the deceased and the accused were quarrelling and he replied in the positive but could not say why.

It was however put to the witness that because he was close to the deceased, he was lying to the court since he did not see anything; he rejected the suggestion by the defence counsel.

The next witness, Rondell Singh, testified that he was with a group at Meadowbank Wharf koker cleaning fish, when he was alerted by his employer, Stephen Vieira, that there was ‘trouble’.

He related that both men are known to him and the deceased was his brother, both of whom used to live with Vieira.

Singh said he stopped cleaning the fish and went to part the fight and saw Greene on the ground bleeding profusely from a wound to the neck. He took his jersey and placed it around Greene’s neck and assisted in taking him to the hospital.
The witness told the court that when he approached the accused, who was over the deceased, he told him “watch how you mek I kill he”.

Several other witnesses testified on Monday (February 11, 2019).
On June 17, 2014 the accused Quaison Jones called ‘Blondie’ was sentenced to 57 years’ imprisonment by Justice Navindra Singh after a 12-member jury found him guilty of the 2011 killing of Marlon Greene.

His sentence was however, appealed, and a new trial was ordered by the Court of Appeal.