Region 10 REO laments plight of Christianburg teachers, students

The Christianburg Primary School, Linden, Region 10

REGIONAL Executive Officer of Region 10 (Upper Demerara-Upper Berbice), Orrin Gordon, believes there is an urgent need for re-opening of the Christianburg Primary School in Linden, as students and teachers who are temporarily housed at the St. Aidan’s Primary School, are being seen an intruders.

Gordon, speaking at last Thursday’s Regional Democratic Council (RDC) meeting, noted that there is a culture rift between the teachers and students of the two schools and before the situation escalates, he urged the Ministry of Education and the RDC councillors to look into the matter.

No money was allocated in the 2019 budget for rebuilding of the Christianburg school, or to even accommodate major repairs. Parents have also expressed their frustration about the matter, even taking it as far as complaining to President David Granger at his latest community and open meeting visit to Linden, last November. The parents noted that their children are being bullied and intimidated by the students and teachers of the St. Aidan’s Primary and are not given access to the facilities of the school, such as the playground.

One parent also highlighted that it is a financial burden to have the children transported to St Aidan’s, which is located in Blue Berry Hill and while the RDC did provide transportation, it was not adequate for all the children. In addition, the classrooms in which they (pupils)

are currently accommodated are deemed unsafe, since a snake was found in the classroom by a student last year. Christianburg is one of the oldest schools in Linden and was deemed unsafe for use as it was suspected to be sinking. At the recently held ministerial outreach in Linden, Minister of Finance Winston Jordan visited the school at the request of parents in the area, who also highlighted the above- mentioned issues. According to the RDC

councillor in the area, Jordan indicated that the school needs to be evaluated as it seems to still be sinking. Jordan promised to have a structural engineer examine the school to find out whether it can be repaired, or if it requires rebuilding .