Magnum Mash Cup 2019….Gold is Money, Ansa McAl All-Stars win big

Action in the Magnum Mash Futsal 2019.

FANS that gathered at the National Gymnasium on Saturday night went home with their fill of high octane action with impressive performances from Gold is Money and Ansa McAl All-Stars.

Gold is Money showed no mercy for the hapless California Square, hammering them 7-0, while Ansa Mc Al netted a similar amount of goals in their clash with Agricola, but conceded a goal to crown a fantastic night of action.

Appearing in the final encounter of the evening, Gold is Money, led by a hat-trick of goals from Michael Pedro and a brace from Randolph Wagner, clearly demonstrated why they are considered firm favourites to clinch the title.

Colin Nelson and Philip Rowley supported with a goal apiece.
Ansa Mc Al opened the night’s proceedings with a sublime display against Agricola which was spearheaded by a treble off the boots of Delroy Deen, while Reon Hopkinson and Akin Curry each fired in a pair.

Also in winners’ row were Sophia, Stabroek Ballers, Showstoppers, North Ruimvedt, Tiger Bay and Back Circle.

Complete Results
Ansa McAl– 7 vs Agricola-1
Sophia– 5 vs Rhythm Ballers-1
Stabroek Ballers– 2 vs Capital Strikers-0
Melanie– 0 vs Kingston-0
Showstoppers– 3 vs Island All-Stars-2
Alexander Village–1 vs Hustlers-1
Silver Bullets– 0 vs Tiger Bay-3
Back Circle– 3 vs North East La Penitence-1
Gold is Money– 7 vs California Square-0