A great insult and disservice to democracy


Dear Editor,

DEMOCRACY as it should be pronounced on, and seen in its daily action was never made to be a handmaiden of, or an appendage to subterfuge, treachery, and of course, dishonesty. It is a dynamic positive that is meant to manifest itself in a manner where those within the jurisdiction of its political/ ideological existence, could claim to be equal participants in its decision-making process of government, and not being excluded for reasons of political convenience, discrimination of any kind, and the dark ends of dangerous ambitions — attributes that are in themselves, inimical to the growth and development of this most precious of liberal values.

It is quite clear that this understanding of democracy is meant to convey the unambiguous  fact that the latter, apart from being the genuine guide of the governance actions of the state, was never intended for its tenets to be deployed arising out of circumstances that are distorted, and moreover contradictory   to what it serves to represent – above-board actions, and transparency, where all its transactions  carried out, can withstand scrutiny; and the citizenry benefit from the end results.

It means that democracy must be inclusive at all times, with its participatory aspect not being limited to suit the deceptive and dishonest ends of particular political leaders, and those of their vested-interest allies.

Currently, there are demands from the usual quarters for a certain constitutional action that involves the right of all Guyanese who are eligible for such a participatory exercise, to take place, without their eligibility being officially recorded, as must be in accordance with the national electoral laws.

This is unheard of in any democracy, and constitutes the gravest of denials of any citizen’s constitutional rights, anywhere.  These are not calls that emanate from democrats. Instead, they are from self-serving politicians and their allies, bent on trampling on the inalienable right of a particular segment of our population – its young people. So many times, have we all listened to complaints, unsubstantiated, that they are not part of the national development process, by the very voices who now intend to exclude them from the national electoral process. What a contradiction of participatory democracy by fake democrats!


Shawn James