No cause for alarm, maintain your vehicles properly says fire chief

Fire Chief, Marlon Gentle

GET your vehicles fixed by certified mechanics and keep a small extinguisher on board. This warning came from Fire Chief Marlon Gentle, in wake of the three vehicle fires in two days.

The fire chief explained in an exclusive interview with the Guyana Chronicle, that the first two vehicle fires were investigated. Fire service investigators found that one vehicle was modified in such a way that caused fuel to spill from the lines onto a part of the electrical circuit, causing combustion. The other vehicle was also modified after initially suffering from a fuel starvation problem. This was led to fuel spilling on the hot exhaust, resulting in combustion.

Noting that the third vehicle fire on February 7 is still under investigation, the top fire service official said that too many times persons modify their vehicles, without thought for the consequences if something goes wrong. Gentle is reiterating his call for motorists to only have their vehicles repaired according to the manufacturer’s specifications and equip their vehicles with a small fire extinguisher for any similar emergencies.

These can be purchased at suppliers of safety equipment for a reasonable sum. A sum he stated which would be much less than the cost of repairing or replacing a vehicle destroyed by fire.

On Wednesday morning at Avenue of the Republic, Georgetown, a Toyota Carina burst into flames after the driver parked it immediately when he noticed smoke emanating from it. Firemen responded quickly and managed to contain the flames. A Guyana Power and Light (GPL) contracted minibus also mysteriously went up in flames on Sheriff Street on Wednesday morning.

The driver said he and his supervisor observed the smoke under the driver’s seat. They could only stand helplessly as the entire vehicle was eventually destroyed by the flames.

A Route 32 Minibus which was heading to Vreed-en-Hoop, West Coast Demerara, crashed into a utility pole and burst into flames at Hague on Thursday, around 14:00hrs. This accident is under investigation.