Young LGE candidate has big plans for Georgetown

Youngest constituency candidate for South Georgetown, Denroy Tudor

INSPIRED by the late Desmond Hoyte, the youngest constituency candidate for Georgetown, Denroy Tudor, has great plans for his constituency and is confident of winning.

Tudor is the A Partnership for National Unity (APNU) candidate for constituency 14, contesting in the Local Government Elections (LGEs) slated for November 12th.
Speaking with the Guyana Chronicle, Tudor said that he has always loved serving his community, and has been privileged to assist in several areas of development during his formative years. He assisted in erecting of several bus sheds within the community, along with most of the signage, and also played an instrumental part in the South Ruimveldt Women’s Empowerment Group.

The LGEs, he said, are simply another opportunity for him to better serve his constituency, and to better serve the people of South Ruimveldt Park.
This young man has a strong belief that leadership plays an integral role in the growth of a community, as well as the inclusion of people in the decision-making and strategic planning of the way forward.

“I certainly believe that community leaders are vital in the shaping and structuring of the community. What we have done throughout our campaign, we have embraced community leaders who have been working within their respective sub communities of Constituency 14; this is to ensure that we remind them that they are a part of the picture. Because these are individuals [for whom] we have seen their excellence, and we look forward to their guidance as we move forward,” Tudor said.

He added that they have been meeting the people of Constituency 14 through house-to- house visits; and encouraging them and sharing with them their plans for this constituency. “I believe that we have the capacity to be the launch-pad constituency for the entire municipality of Georgetown. We are blessed with several green spaces within the constituency, a lot of the intelligentsia of Georgetown, as well as many business persons live within the constituency,” he said.

Conveying some of his challenges being the youngest contender in his constituency, Tudor said that the people of South Ruimveldt Park have lost hope in electing a leader, given their past experiences with leaders who they put in the position, and never lived up to their promises.

“Some of the key challenges as a youth leader is that persons would have felt betrayed within the last elections, because they would have seen [other party representatives] basically show up, just at the election time and never returned to actually assist the community. So I have had to try to assure persons that under the guidance of the APNU and the steadfast partnership with the community and the council, we can get things done effectively,” he said.

Tudor indicated some of the known challenges faced in his community, which through unity, cooperation and good leadership, can be overcome.

“What we know are four of the major issues that presently exist within the constituency, are: drainage, lighting, general infrastructure concerns, and regular maintenance of green spaces. But as I would have said before, we are open to the issues of the people, and together as a partnership we will work towards resolving same,” he shared.

Thus far, the young leader has earmarked a few projects which he deems beneficial for South Ruimveldt Park. Together as a community, they are looking to ensure that a community centre is constructed. This facility will be geared towards offering support for persons who are unskilled, and teach them trades such as mechanics, welding, arts and craft as well as ICT, so that they can better serve the constituency in some regard. This community centre, he said, will have responsibility for southern Georgetown.

In addition to the centre, Tudor also mentioned formation of a constituency council which will offer guidance to the constituency. This council will comprise members or representatives of community groups within the constituency, as well as individuals who may have expertise in areas such as health, infrastructure, education, and members of the religious bodies, along with some amount of urban planning within the constituency.
This, he says, will provide clarity to tackle the major issues.