Guyana observes World Radiography Day

A radiographer at Dr. Balwant Singh Hospital conducting a CT scan procedure

RADIOLOGISTS and Radiographers are being encouraged to celebrate and promote their profession so as to attract others to join the corps.

The call was made by Minister of Public Health, Volda Lawrence, who indicated that this human resource is vital to the sustainability of the health sector.

“I wish to encourage our core of radiology and radiography professionals to promote the profession and spread the word to our young graduates that this field can be a viable and specialised alternative career in which they can contribute to the betterment of human life.”
The Public Health Ministry is recognising the two professions as World Radiography Day and the 7th International Day of Radiology was observed on Wednesday. According to Minister Lawrence, they play a critical role in providing information to aid in the medical diagnoses and treatment of diseases and patients’ condition.

She charged this corps of medical technologists to focus on the trending incidents of non-communicable diseases and, more importantly, to note the significant percentage of citizens who are suffering from cardiac and cardiovascular diseases. “We want to celebrate with our radiologists and to charge you to continue to enhance your skills, so that our imaging techniques are sharpened, and we can thereby impact on the mortality and morbidity of our cardiac patients through detection, diagnosis and management, and increase the quality of care and treatment of our cardiac patients,” Minister Lawrence indicated.

While the observance of World Radiography Day promotes the profession, the 7th International Day of Radiology 2018 focusses more on cardiac imaging which is this year’s theme. The date set aside for World Radiography Day and International Day of Radiology marks the anniversary of the discovery of x-radiation by Wilhelm Roentgen in 1895.