‘Top Gun’ Hopkinson and Dr. Pravesh Harry excel at IPSC/Suriname Open 2018

The Guyanese duo of Ha +rold 'Top Gun' Hopkinson (first from left) and Dr Pravesh Harry (2nd left) with two other colleagues in Suriname.

DIRECTOR and the Steel Challenge chairperson of the Guyana Sport Shooting Foundation, Dr. Pravesh Harry and IPSC Regional Director of the Guyana NRA, Harold Hopkinson, last weekend attended and excelled at the IPSC/Suriname Open 2018 shoot, held at the MTC Shooting Ranges, Verlengde Rijsdijkweg.

The event attracted experienced shooters from many countries including Aruba, Barbados, Jamaica, French Guiana, Guyana and the host–Suriname.

When the smoke evaporated, Harry shot his way to the bronze medal in the highly-competitive Production Division while Guyana’s veteran hand gunner, Harold “Top gun” Hopkinson was golden in the Production Division, using his CZ Shadow 2 semi-automatic pistol.

Dr Harry, who was awesome on debut at this level, started shooting competitively about four years ago. He was invited to Suriname by IPSC Regional Director of the Guyana NRA, Harold Hopkinson, at what was a Level 3 competition, sanctioned by the International Practical Shooting Confederation (IPSC).

The Guyanese duo, which flew into Suriname on Wednesday last via Gum Air, participated in a training programme on Thursday and Friday at the competition venue under the watchful eyes of Practical Shooting Grand Master from Jamaica, Ronald ‘The Dragon’ Brown as the Instructor and Trainer.

Shooting the 9mm CZ Shadow 2, with which he got familiar on the 27th October at the GDF ranges where he cleaned up the competition by winning the Standard Division of the BM Soat Halloween Practical Pistol match, Dr Harry, from the commencement of the training programme, did not disappoint his trainer and the Regional Director’s instinct, by surprising the rest of the highly intense Production Division with his accuracy and double tap prowess in this 250-round competition.

Harry took the 3rd position away from the more experienced shooters in this highly competitive division.  First was Surinamese Bruce Djosetiko, who shot like a man possessed; second was Suriname Open 2018 Match Director, veteran production shooter Romano Adel with Dr. Parvesh Harry taking the third spot.

Guyana’s veteran hand gunner, 63-year-old grandfather Hopkinson, decided to rest his Open Division, Akai custom pistol and test the very competitive Production Division with another CZ Shadow 2 semi-automatic pistol.

He informed that he was very surprised when his name was called as the Production, Senior Category’s High overall winner.

Meanwhile, Yuhong Lee of Aruba took the Open Division from Surinamese favorite top shot, Desmond Chang, who placed second and third was Andrew “Shaggy” Wilson. In the Standard Division, Ronald Brown, the High Overall Senior Production, Harold Hopkinson and Dr. Pravesh Harry, took first, second and third place in the Production Division.

Dr. Harry related that it was a life-altering experience, and was impressed by the level of organization by the Surinamese. He mused that being awarded the 3rd place was a great feeling, because the night before he literally sat and reviewed everyone’s hit factors and scores in excel and realized he was in 5th place after day one.

Harry then decided he would push himself as much as he could to get onto the podium. He did and felt very satisfied with his performance. He also remarked that he was very grateful for the invitation and look forward to more international events.

The Guyanese handgun duo wishes to thank the following head of agencies and their staff for their support: Commissioner of Police, Leslie James, DSS, DSM; Commissioner General of GRA, Godfrey Statia MS; Chief of Staff of the Guyana Defence Force and president of the Guyana NRA, Brigadier Patrick West, MSS; Guyana NRA Small-bore Captain Dale Hing and Secure Innovations & Concepts who all made this tour possible.