Berbice Bridge Company announces high increase in tolls

The proposed fare.

The Berbice Bridge Company Inc on Tuesday announced that it plans to increase fares from November 12, 2018 , sums which appear high for the average road user.

The company’s board chair Dr Surendra Persaud said that they have received legal advice in relation to the increase in the fares. Persuad said the company did not take into consideration  the social impact the increase would have since it was a business decision.

He said however, that the proposed figures are compounded as a result of failure to adjust the toll over the years.

In July, residents of the Ancient County told the Guyana Chronicle that the proposed increase is unaffordable and should it be implemented, the return of the ferry service will be a saviour.
Government has already indicated that it will not support the request by the BBCI for an increase in the fares.

In July this year, Minister of Public Infrastructure , David Patterson said the administration is not inclined to ever increase the fares for the bridge as it will be too “burdensome” on the commuters.
“We will ensure that no further hardship from the bridge is passed on to the folks or the citizens of Berbice,” he said at the time.

The rates announced by the company on Tuesday are as follows:

Cars: G$8,040

Pickups: G$14,600

4WD: G$14,600


Small trucks::G$14,600

Medium trucks: G$27,720

Large trucks: G$49,600

Articulated trucks: G$116,680

Freight : G$1,680

Boats G:$401,040