Essequibo Coast teacher succumbs after suffering seizure

The 8th of May Primary School on the Essequibo Coast.

A teacher attached to the 8th of May Primary School on the Essequibo Coast tragically lost her life on Thursday after she suffered a seizure and fell into a trench.

Dead is Sorojini Singh.

Information revealed that Singh would periodically experience seizures.On Thursday morning Singh was riding her bicycle to the nearby 8th of May Nursery when she collapsed and fell in the nearby trench.

She was noticed in the trench by residents who immediately raised an alarm. The police were summoned and an ambulance also arrived at the scene. She was transported to the Suddie Hospital but around 1400hrs she succumbed.

Reports are that Singh is usually accompanied by a colleague but Thursday morning she silently left the school unknown to her colleagues.

Regional Education Officer (REDO),Nicola Matthews after learning about the incident, immediately visited the school. After she observed the teachers in tears, she immediately advised that the school be dismissed for the remainder of the day.

The REDO described the situation as sad and extended condolences to the husband and relatives of the teacher.(Indrawattie Natram)