‘Birthday Boy’ remanded until October

The teen accused (head covered) on his way to court on Tuesday (Photo by Delano Williams)

– for Annandale pensioner’s murder

WHAT should have been a joyful occasion was quite the opposite for a lad who turned 16 on Tuesday, as it is the very day he found himself before the Cove and John Magistrates Court on a murder charge.

The youngster in question is one of two teens who’ve been charged with the murder of 72-year-old Krishnachand Dabee, whose battered body was found at his Annandale South, East Coast Demerara home late last month.

The teen appeared before Magistrate Peter Hugh and was not required to plead to the charge, which alleges that on August 27, 2018 he murdered Dabee at his Lot 149 Annandale home during the course of a robbery.

The matter was held in camera, given that the youngster is underage, and he was remanded to prison until October 8.

According to the police, the teen was nabbed over the weekend by Police in ‘C’ Division after allegedly confessing to murdering the pensioner.

Dabee was found lying at the bottom of the rear stairs of his wooden two-storey house, with injuries to the head and near the right eye. There were also bloodstains on the ground next to the water barrel where the body was found, and right next to it a blood-stained stone.

Word is that the man’s daughter, who is a lecturer at the University of Guyana, was trying to make contact with him on his landline phone, and after not hearing from him, she immediately went to the Vigilance Police Station and made a report.

It was the police who reportedly made the gruesome discovery, and upon checking further, saw that the house had been burgled.

A neighbour told the police that the Dabees had been tied up and robbed about a month ago, and this caused his wife, who was hospitalised following the ordeal, to move into a senior citizens home.

Another neighbour added, “The wife see who the bandits were, and never wanted to return home. She sick since then; she always expect that the bandits would return. And is come they come back and kill the man now.”

An autopsy revealed that the pensioner died from blunt trauma to the head, and a fractured neck and spine.