Such behaviour cannot be any good to a nation


Dear Editor
ANYONE who understands the meaning of public morality and its relevance to political leaders’ understanding of being honest about their stewardship of governance, will agree that within this context, there is no PPP/C former government official, who should ever be complaining against/criticising the current government/giving opinion on any socio-economic issue which had evolved during this party’s period of governance; and which they either ignored, or refused to remedy.

This is not to say that criticisms from the political opposition are not welcomed, as the former practice is a part of the traditional political behaviour of such a political party in such a constitutional category. But even though it is accepted that politics is adversarial, it is not expected to mean the descent into dangerous lies, and wholesale, brazen attempts to deny the occurrence of a type of governance which have caused this country so much political-socio-economic maladies.

For any of its political front persons to counter such denials, with deceptive lies, means that it is an attempt to deceive and mislead, as has been the regular case since their party’s defeat at the 2015 national elections. In such a case, they have no moral high ground, much less, to stand on same.

The problem with these leaders — and they know who they are — apart from the fact that they are well-known, is that they are aided and abetted by certain sections of society; of course, with a political agenda. It is amazing at the daily letters, purporting to give perspectives on very critical aspects of the nation’s collective experience, that have done so much harm to the national well-being, that it will take years to repair, much less to overcome the deleterious effects caused on the national psyche.

Rather than being honest about their stewardships and role about what the selfish exercise of power that they held, had caused–their continuous distortion of events, no doubt taking advantage of a nation that is divided, can only be seen as a further insult to the national wounds already inflicted, and which can only serve to stymie attempts at bringing about healing.

Such behaviour cannot be any good to a nation which is seeking to correct so many of the ills that it now confronts; or to its people, many of whom have suffered so many forms of injustice. It cannot, also, be of any moral value to many of our younger segment of the nation, many of whom are reflecting the realities of the social degradation of over two decades, into which they were born. It can only sow seeds of doubt and discord in their minds.

With every attempt to paper over the truths of their stewardship, to obfuscate their well- known reality and to bury their shocking, stark results in the well-known ploy of reverse psychology, these leaders continue to insult the collective memory of the nation, in seeking to deny the past. This can only result in an inherited future that will still be saddled with the untruths of the past, which ought to have been abandoned and buried in the latter time.

Continuous attempts, whether via the media or whatever form, to mislead through the medium of lies, half-truths and misleading accounts, about what occurred in this nation, doing it so much damage, can only result in the accrual of moral deficits on the page of those very leaders, referred to in this discourse.

Further, such political dishonesty — for that is what it really is — will only result in the sullying of this country’s image, which the current administration has been effecting a more than admirable effort in repairing and restoring — both nationally and internationally . Guyana is once again being respected, but vociferously objects to those leaders whose continuous lies are self-serving and can mean no good for the national well-being. These must unequivocally be condemned by all honest Guyanese who believe in the truth, and subscribe to its undeniable principles.

Troy Garraway