Son fatally stabbed by father at Foulis

The house where the incident occurred.

A young man of Foulis, Enmore, East Coast Demarara was this evening stabbed to death by his father who was identified as an alcoholic.

The young man has been identified only as ‘Kevin’, a joiner who works in the area.According to information reaching the Guyana Chronicle, the two men and other relatives are usually involved in arguments.

Persons in the area told the Guyana Chronicle that the man’s father ,called “Wire”, and his son were involved in an argument on Saturday evening.

At some point during the argument, they both advanced to each other. The elder man then removed a louvre pane and plunged it into his son’s abdomen.

The young man then retreated and ran to his mother in whose arms he collapsed and died. Police arrested the assailant as investigations into the incident are ongoing.