Convicted wife killer sentenced for wounding victim’s relatives

Dwayne Jordan

DWAYNE Jordan, 46, who had killed his reputed wife Claudeene Rampersaud and then viciously attacked her relatives, was jailed for 30 years on two counts of inflicting grievous bodily harm charges.

He had already been sentenced to 30 years for the killing of his reputed wife. The sentence was handed down on Tuesday in the High Court by Justice Brassington Reynolds. The indictment read by State Prosecutor Tiffany Lyken stated that the accused on June 14 2007, caused grievous bodily harm to Shellon Payne and her husband, Ryan Lewis, with intent to maim, disfigure or disable them both. The two were charged as separate counts.
The state summarised the facts of the matter to the court, which stated that the accused and his wife were at his aunt’s house where they once lived during which he murdered his wife. His wife’s sister and brother-in-law were approaching the house to rescue the deceased and were brutally attacked by the accused.

Dwayne then pleaded guilty to the charges and begged for mercy, stating that he does not want to waste the court’s time. He is currently serving a reduced sentence of 30 years for the murder of his wife and Justice Reynolds handed another 30 years, 15 for each of the counts presented on Tuesday. This sentence will run concurrently with Jordan’s first indictment.